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How to find the perfect door

›› select a door substance that fits with your locale and lifestyle: For low-maintenance at any climate, steel doors are the answer; For a timeless, handcrafted look that may require a more common upkeep, the natural beauty, elegance and warmth of wood doors represent a classic choice. For a “green”, environmentally-friendly door, the 100% recycled fiber of wood composite doors represent a new option, one that merges the strength and security of metallic steel doors with the splendor and richness of wood doors, while avoiding any cracks, splits, rot or rust.

›› It has to fit: Usually, most garage doors are offered in standard sizes. On the other hand, some manufacturers offer custom-fit door sizes for exceptionally designed garages. If you have a newer home, then in all likelihood Amarr makes doors to fit your garage. If you live in an older home, you may be somewhat limited to a smaller offering of door choices, but you should have little trouble finding an garage door at Amarr that fits.

›› Wide Variety: Garage doors are available in a wide range of different designs that will fit any architecture, from old world estate appearance to authentic carriage house doors (appear as swinging open, but open & operate like standard doors) to sleek modernized designs.

›› Endless selection of colors: Amarr offer a limited number of pre-painted steel doors, however if you want to customize the color, steel doors are ready to be painted with off-the-shelf exterior latex paint. Wood doors come in their natural finish, but are ready for staining or painting, while wood-composite doors are prepared to be painted or stained.

›› Available accessories for your garage door depend on the selected style: Carriage house doors feature options for decorative handles as well as decorative strap hinges, while the clean lines of a modern or conventional garage door may not need any decoration.

›› Lastly, windows not only bring natural light into the garage, they add additional layers of style and complexity to the doors: There are many decorative window options, ranging from modern, contemporary designs to ornamental faux shaped iron to Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired colors and designs, all creating a garage door that both fits your individual style and compliments the overall design of your house.

garage door repair

garage door repair