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All U.S Garage Doors Services

!Here at All U.S Garage Doors, we cater to a wide assortment of relevant services  to suite your individual garage related needs. Don’t be troubled later with expensive emergency repairs because of lack of maintenance - have your garage door serviced by one of our friendly, professionally trained technicians today



 Our list of garage door solutions and services include



• Noisy garage doors.
• Garage doors that don’t open all the way.
• Garage doors that don’t close all the way.
• Lack of lubrication, binding mechanisms or miss-adjustments.
• Worn out binding rollers
• Broken or weak springs
• Problematic motors.
• Weak or dead batteries.• Examining door and track levels.                                                               
• Examining door balance.
• Examining the drums and cables.
• Inspection of weather stripping.
• Inspection of overall door condition.
• Inspection of motor sensitivity, force and limits.
• Adjust of limit switch.
• Battery replacement.
• Lubrication of guide rails, springs and hinges
• Inspection of the hinge screw torque
• Inspection and alignment of safety sensors.